Benefits of Using an Expert Cyber Security Recruitment Specialist

As the world shifts and everyone becomes more online, Cyber Security as a profession has grown because there is more personal and sensitive data vulnerable to an attack. The rise of Cyber Security has had a huge impact on businesses as professional industries are scouring to hire Cyber Security talent to protect their online presence, assets and customer data.

There is a growing need for information and Cyber Security professionals, as most businesses simply can’t afford a data breach. In the UK, the average cost of a data breach has grown to nearly £2.7 million, according to IBM research, and the reputational harm can be incalculable.

As the Cyber Security market continues to grow, there remains a constant need for exceptional cyber professionals and as such, the market has continued to have a constant flow of new positions. Utilising a specialist Cyber Security recruiter, has significant benefits for clients and candidates. In this article, we highlight some of the reasons that you ought to use a specialist recruiter and the benefits that you will gain from having done so.

Access to job roles that are not promoted online

It is common knowledge that the best roles come from word of mouth. At least 30% of roles are not advertised on mainstream job sites or company websites. Especially in a world where you want to keep your security team and capability as private as possible, there are a significant number of firms who will actively choose to keep new roles quiet and hire a specialist recruiter to approach select candidates instead. If you want access to the most interesting clients and projects, you should use a specialist recruiter.

Client/candidate relationships

Using a dedicated recruiter at Via Resource for your next career move can provide several benefits in helping you land the role you want. A recruiter can steer you in the right direction if you are unsure of where you see yourself. Plus, open you up to new roles you may not have considered, which are aligned with your skills and career goals. Whilst guiding you to be more selective in the jobs or companies you apply for with having connections in the top FTSE firms. Discover the six ways for getting the most out of your recruiter relationship.

Saving your time

It is an inevitable fact that recruiting takes time and money. From writing specific job descriptions to arranging and doing interviews, it can be a tiring process. But because this is their specialty they can streamline the hiring process, leaving their client’s HR department to get on with more important aspects of their job.

Probably the most time-consuming aspect of recruiting is the interview process. Not many people want to take days out from their already packed business schedules to interview hundreds of candidates. A major benefit of a specialised Cyber Security recruitment specialist is the ability to shortlist candidates through initial interviews on their client’s behalf. This means the only candidates you will need to see personally will be the absolute top talent.

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Acting as salary consultants

Many companies don’t know the true value of their talent, they might dramatically overpay external candidates or advertise job roles with salaries that will never attract top-level candidates. Since Cyber Security recruitment specialist go through numerous of postings every day, they know the industry average for any given position and can factor in other elements such as location. Where we have published our salary guides:

This puts us in a unique position to negotiate salary expectations with candidates so companies will always end up paying a fair and competitive wage to their employees.

Provide expert advertisement

Too many companies end up wasting money (and time!) advertising their open job positions in the wrong places. Although the Cyber Security industry is thriving, if your company is not looking in the right places, it will never find the right candidate. This is where specialised Cyber Security recruiters know all the ins and outs of job advertisements and will only advertise a vacancy in the places that will secure interviews with top talent.

Attention to diversity and inclusion

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is important not only ethically but also for improving employee morale, boosting innovation, and enhancing business success. If companies want to secure the most talented Cyber Security professionals, they will need to adopt a new approach to access more diverse talent pools. Here at Via Resource, we conduct the hiring process with this in mind to find the perfect fit for every company and organisation.

Industry insight

The best recruiters ensure that their niche market is something that they able to understand, inside out. Here at Via Resource, it is our personal mission to ensure that as consultants, we all understand our niche markets, its challenges and sweet spots to aid both clients and candidates in understanding key job trends at any given moment in time.

These are just some of the benefits of using a specialist recruiter. For any further information, to know the latest roles, work with us to locate your ideal candidate, or simply to hear more about the Cyber Security market, please get in touch with our specialist consultants.