Are Online Interviews Damaging Your Organisation?

Interviewing and agreeing who would be a fit for your organisation is hard at the best of times. There is always a risk when hiring and no one wants to be the person who made the wrong hire!

We have all developed our own internal processes to try and mitigate hiring mistakes – Technical tests, Psychometric evaluations, personality profiling and a whole host of interviewing techniques. Have you changed that process or written staff guidelines for video Interviews?

Video Interviewing is bad for your business if not done correctly, damaging your brand and losing you some fantastic hires because of poor staff training and bad process.

1. Bias

We all have Bias but this is heightened on video, it is easy to pick up small faults you would not normally notice in a person. Interviewers are more judgemental as they are at distance from the candidate and in their own home- It is not The Voice or Britain’s got talent – this is a person’s livelihood! Yes, they will look more nervous Video enhances every small movement.

2. Etiquette

In an office you would meet the candidate in a professional environment which is private – usually an office.  Why has this not been conveyed to staff interviewing at home.  Eating whilst interviewing, walking around with the person on your phone, not being dressed appropriately or switching your video off! How is a candidate meant to get any visual que or feedback if they can’t see you?

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3. Decision Making

Who really needs to be involved in making a decision on the hire. Just because people can be available – adding more people to a video Interview does not make the process better. It just makes it harder for the candidate to understand and influence the right people and adds more pressure.

The Candidate experience should be your Organisations top priority! Whether it is a Yes or No, the way in which you treat a candidate is what they will remember.

The competition for staff within Cyber Security is higher than we have ever seen before, more opportunities are available for candidates as there are no geographic restrictions. Work on your Interview process and provide feedback quickly – ensure your organisation isn’t losing out.