Webinar: Cyber Corner Is it Time for Change in the Information and Cyber Security Industry

In our first webinar Steve Arnold, Senior Consultant at Via Resource and Jay Jay Davey, SOC Lead at Cyberclan, spoke about ways in which the industry can change, what is needed to implement these changes, ways in which to progress through the industry without the need for certifications and how you can use Cyber Launchpad and Cyber Mentor Dojo to get your feet on the ladder and launch your career within Cyber Security (or alternatively if you are a hiring manager, find entry-level talent/graduates). 


Overview of topics that was discussed: 

    • Areas that are needed to be changed within Cyber 
    • How we can go about these changes 
    • How Cyber Launchpad and Cyber Mentor Dojo can help 
    • The organic journey through Cyber Security without chasing certifications 
    • How people can transition from other areas of IT into Cyber Security

About Steve Arnold, Senior Consultant at Via Resource

Steve joined the Via Resource team in 2021, having spent the last 4 years working solely in the Information/Cyber Security sector recruiting roles such as Information Security Manager, Security Architect, Security Engineers and Security Analysts.

Steve solely focuses on Operational Security positions for Via Resource and has experience managing the end-to-end recruitment process for organisations nationwide with roles ranging from entry-level to C-Suite.

As well as this Steve gained a National Diploma Level 2 and NVQ Level 3 in Recruitment and is CertRP certified.

About Jay Jay Davey, SOC Lead at Cyberclan

Jay Jay makes Security Operations work for businesses; ultimately, technical security goals are driven by risk management. Therefore, helping provide tangible and cost-effective ways to manage technical risk and help protect the value of your business.

Jay Jay has worked with most modern technological security solutions, including but not limited to EDR, SIEM, DLP, Vulnerability scanners, and more. His expertise in this area help manage technical risk, bring visibility and provide metrics for assurance that your technical security is delivering on promises. In addition, working closely with threat intelligence to help build context to alerts and investigations.

Jay Jay has an open perception of problems and understand that not all problems can be solved with flashy solutions or money but requires careful analysis of process output, procedure outcomes, other metrics, and evidence that could highlight an issue that impacts the business. Opinions are of his own and not the views of his employer.