Sales and Marketing salary guide US and EMEA 2022

How much should you be paying for a Sales and Marketing professional?

In our latest US and EMEA salary guide, we analyse salary data from multiple data sources overlaid with live market information from our own database and advertised job data.

Our salary bandings are constructed as a guide for the US and EMEA marketplace and are only region specific for the US (East Coast, Central States and West Coast). Living costs, travel expenses and commission have not been taken into consideration for each role. If you require data that aligns to your specific requirements (Region, Technology, Clearance level), please let us know.

Torquil Macleod, Founder and Director of Via Resource comments:

“Our report is the perfect US and EMEA salary benchmarking tools for both employers looking to attract the best employees and workers looking for a new job. We have included the most common sales and marketing job titles and want to ensure clients and candidates receive the best experience possible with quality support, advice and guidance.”

Via Resource salary guide covers the following job roles:

    • Major Account Manager
    • Enterprise Account Manager
    • Territory/Regional Sales Manager
    • Commercial Account Manager
    • Channel Account Manager
    • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
    • Vice President of Sales
    • Vice President of Channel Sales
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    • Marketing Director
    • Demand Generation Director
    • Field/Channel Marketing Manager
    • Channel Marketing Director