Do recruiters and employers spend only 6 seconds reading your CV?

You have probably heard that hiring managers and recruiters spend only a few seconds scanning your CV. Industry research by TheLadders states that on average recruiters spend 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether you are suitable for a vacancy or not. However, our consultants at Via Resource state that this fact is untrue.

Sam Finn, Director at Via Resource states, “Every role is different, so it’s impossible to gauge how long a particular company or recruiter will spend on your resume. Your CV does need to stand out from the crowd, as it must survive the initial scan for the suitability, whether that’s six seconds or six minutes.”

James Spear Director at Via Resource comments on the recruitment process for each candidate, “When sourcing candidates for a specific role, any candidates that apply for the role we would read their CV and give them a call. This is to get a better understanding of what they currently do, what they are looking for and how to manage their expectations. If they are not right for the role they applied for we would refer them to other roles that fit their requirements.”

Three most important areas employers look for when scanning your CV

    1. Formatting – this helps to determine how well you’ve organised the information and if it is easy to read allows the employer to find the information they want promptly.
    2. Relevant work history and consistent job titles – this is one of the most important elements to feature, as it determines how long you’ve worked in your current company and understands the responsibilities you fulfil in that role, with also identify if you’re a senior or entry-level applicant.
    3. Educational background & experience – within Cyber Security it is important to have the relevant experience to determine whether you qualify for the position.

If you would like to discuss opportunities available in the Information and Cyber Security industry, please register with Via Resource today where a consultant will contact you to understand your requirements. 

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