A new webinar series – Cyber Corner: Is It Time for Change?

Via Resource are releasing a new webinar series, called Cyber Corner, where they gather industry experts in the Information and Cyber Security market. These 60-minute webinars are an opportunity to gain new industry knowledge, explore niche topics, debate current issues and address less talked topics. These topics cover a diverse range of disciplines including the full breadth of Information and Cyber Security but not limited to; Governance, Risk & Compliance, Security Engineering, Security Architecture, Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, Application Security, Security Operations & SOC, Data Protection & Privacy and many more related areas. 

Cyber Corner webinars provide the chance to work towards professional and personal development goals. As well as supporting individuals to ensure knowledge and skills stay relevant and up to date.

Each webinar will feature:

    • Expert knowledge from industry professionals
    • Opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals
    • A chance to join the conversation with a live Q&A
    • Webinars are 30 minutes with 30 minutes Q&A

The first Cyber Corner webinar discusses if it is time for change? Hosted by Steve Arnold, Senior Consultant at Via Resource and joined with Jay Jay Davey, SOC Lead at Cyberclan. Where they will be talking about ways in which the industry can change, what is needed to implement these changes, ways in which to progress through the industry without the need for certifications and how you can use Cyber Launchpad and Cyber Mentor Dojo to get your feet on the ladder and launch your career within Cyber Security (or alternatively if you are a hiring manager, find entry-level talent/graduates).

Overview of topics that will be discussed:

    • Areas that are needed to be changed within Cyber
    • How we can go about these changes
    • Government legislation about certifications
    • How Cyber Launchpad and Cyber Mentor Dojo can help
    • The organic journey through Cyber Security without chasing certifications
    • How people can transition from other areas of IT into Cyber Security

The free webinar is launching on Wednesday 16th March 2022 from 12pm till 1pm, and available to register here: https://bit.ly/3HWXowD 

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